Keep Romance Alive Even With a Newborn Baby

Keep Romance Alive Even With a Newborn Baby

Once baby comes, many couples find that romance and “us time” takes a back seat.

The truth is that it’s hard to keep the romance alive if you have a newborn baby, but it’s important to make the effort. Here are some ways that you can spice up your marriage post-baby:

  1. Have a nap — When you have a baby, the one thing that you prize most is sleep. There will be nothing quite as romantic as just taking a nap together, all snuggled up, without a crying child to distract you.
  2. Plan for outings and dates –– It may take a lot of work to plan for your date nights and special outings, but it’s important to invest that effort. The both of you work so hard that it’s important to take time off just to be with each other.
  3. Make time for your spouse –– Instead of focusing all of your energy on work at the baby, make it a point to spend special time with that special someone. Your baby will be fine playing in their crib or lying in their seat, at least for a few minutes as you talk to your hubby/wife.
  4. Include baby in your outings –– Why not plan special, fun outings and bring baby with you? Once baby is old enough, you can take him on boat rides, hikes, long walks, jogs through the park, shopping trips, etc. Bringing baby with you will allow you to be both great parents and great spouses.
  5. Give it time –– Remember that baby is only going to be young and in need of full time attention for a short while. Be patient with each other, and know that this dry spell in your romance will pass.


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