Is Your Relationship on the Outs?

Is Your Relationship on the Outs?

Relationships are A LOT of hard work, and not every relationship is guaranteed to succeed! So how can you tell if your relationship is on the outs?

Reduced contact — When you first fell in love/started dating, you texted, called, Skyped, or emailed each other on a constant basis. You couldn’t let an hour go by without sending or receiving a message to maintain communication with the other person. Now, you’re barely contacting them once every few days or once a week. This limited contact is an indication that things are fizzling out.

Blowing off — If you invite her over for the weekend, does she blow you off? If you want to hang out on a Friday night, does he have an excuse why he can’t make it? While there may genuinely be times when they can’t spend time with you, constantly being blown off is a pretty good sign that things are on the outs.

Canceling plans — You’ve made plans with him or her a half-dozen times, only to have them canceled at the last minute due to “sudden problems or situations”. Their excuses may seem iffy, and it’s a pretty good sign that they are losing interest.

Short communication — Not only does he text you infrequently, but the lines are limited to things like “What’s up?” or “How you?” Does she send you one-word or one-letter texts (“K”) when you message her? If this is happening, it’s usually a good sign that the heat of your relationship is fading away.

Giving up — It may not be easy to recognize, but it’s a blow in the gut when you do come to the conclusion that you or they have given up on the relationship. There comes a moment when you realize that it’s done.

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