Is Your Breakup a Mistake? Here’s How to Know

Is Your Breakup a Mistake? Here’s How to Know

Breakups are inevitable, but they may not always be the end! Is your breakup a mistake? Here’s a few ways to know it’s time to get back together:

You miss the bad along with the good — Every relationship has its ups and downs, and nothing is ever perfect. Life is full of difficult moments, but if you realize that the bad moments are just as important as the good, it may help you realize that you broke up over the wrong reasons.

You miss the good things you did — Relationships can make you a better person, especially if you are going out of your way to improve and grow for them. Since your breakup, you may have noticed yourself sliding back into old bad habits. Perhaps the relationship was good because it helped YOU to do nice things for them.

You try to make them jealous — There’s only one reason to make your ex-partner/boyfriend/girlfriend jealous: you still care what they think. This may be a sign you’re not quite as over them as you might think. Time to examine your emotions more carefully to analyze how you feel about them, and WHY you’d try to make them jealous.

You think of them when you do fun things — Do you find yourself enjoying an activity and thinking “my ex would love this”? If so, it’s a pretty good sign you’ve still got feelings for them. If you feel that absence from your heart, it may be a sign you’re not ready to let them go.

Everyone else falls short — No one is ever perfect, but if you find yourself comparing the new partners with the ex and they just don’t stack up, it may be a good indication you’ve still got your ex in your heart.

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