Is Unconditional Love Real?

Is Unconditional Love Real?

We’ve all heard that unconditional love is the key to a successful relationship or marriage, but does it even exist? Is it possible to truly love someone no matter what?

Unconditional love isn’t actually as hard as you might think. First off, you need to understand that it is NOT loving them “no matter what”. You can’t just keep loving them after they abuse you physically or emotionally. Unconditional love and self-respect go hand in hand–if they don’t respect you enough to treat you right, they don’t really love you. Love is a two-way street, so you can’t really love someone who doesn’t love you.

No, unconditional love is, at its core, a tolerance for the person you love for the simple reason that they matter to you. When they come home grumpy or in a bad mood, you love them enough to not take it personally when they take it out on you. When they’re stressed from all of the pressure life throws at them, you love them enough to set aside your problems and help them deal with theirs. THAT is the real truth of unconditional love.

And yes, sometimes you’re going to have to love them even when it is the last thing you want to do. You may be angry at them, frustrated with their actions or inactions, or hurt by something they’ve said and done. But unconditional love can look past those emotions and remember that you love them, despite how you feel about them at the moment. You can overcome your anger, frustration, or hurt, and you can continue with your happy relationship because you care about them. In the end, this unconditional love will help you to keep your relationship and marriage alive no matter what…

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