If You Love, You Don’t Cheat

If You Love, You Don’t Cheat

People have a silly notion that you can still love someone, even if you cheat on them. That’s 100% not true: if you love someone, you don’t cheat!

Why is that the case? Simple: respect is an important part of love. If you respect someone, you respect their feelings, their reactions, and their desires. Cheating on them is blatant disregard for all of those things, and it’s an utter lack of respect. When you cheat on your partner or spouse, you are simply telling them, “What I want is more important than what you want.”

There are hundreds of reasons to cheat on your spouse or partner. You may be unhappy in your marriage, thinking about divorce, bored with your normal life, and the list goes on. But is that any reason to cheat? Is that really an excuse to break the sacred vow that you have taken to honor, cherish, and respect the other person for life? If you are a man or woman of your word, it is not!

The truth is that cheating is a lack of respect for yourself as well. If you had self-respect, you would know that you are better than that. You don’t need to cheat on your spouse or partner simply because you are able to overcome whatever problems you are having. You will find the solution and work things out in the end!

Cheating is, at its simplest, a lack of respect. If you truly love your partner, you will respect them enough to be honest with the way you feel. You will be able to tell them that you are unhappy, dissatisfied, angry, etc. You will communicate with them out of your respect for them, and it will allow you to deal with the problems before you stoop to cheating!

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