An Idiot’s Guide to Romance Part 3

An Idiot’s Guide to Romance Part 3

Struggling with your romantic life? This guide to romance can help!

NEVER forget a birthday or important date! Her birthday is the most important day of the year–aside from Valentine’s Day and perhaps your anniversary. Add all of your important dates (first date, wedding anniversary, etc.) to your calendar, and never forget them.

Don’t force a pet name. Goofy-sounding pet names (such as “pookie” or “sugar plum”) may sound cute when other people say them, but they’ll likely be odd coming from your mouth. Find a pet name that works and stick with it! Until you find that name, just use their name. NEVER use “bae”!

One of the most important elements in romance is a bit of humor, so don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself. If you take things too seriously, you’ll never enjoy your time together, and it could spoil the romantic mood. Those who are willing to enjoy a good-humored laugh session will definitely get along far better with their spouse/partner.

Most importantly of all, look for ways to be spontaneous and surprise her. You could set up a date night every week, but eventually it will become a routine if you don’t make an effort. Your goal should be to spring surprises on her at any time of the week, and watch her face light up as she is reminded by just how much you love her. After all, springing your surprise took effort, and that effort is what helps her to feel loved!

Find the little things that she loves:

  • Opening the bed for her
  • Making the bed in the morning
  • Adding a few slices of bacon to her breakfast
  • Preparing her coffee just the way she likes it
  • and so on…

Do those things, and she’s guaranteed to feel the romance!

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