An Idiot’s Guide to Romance Part 2

An Idiot’s Guide to Romance Part 2

Need help with your wooing? Here’s our simple guide to romance the right way!

When it comes to buying gifts for women, make it a point to avoid gifts that are eminently practical. While practical gifts may be something you like, women like gifts that are romantic or sentimental.

Jewelry is always a gift she’ll love, but there are times when jewelry will be the wrong gift–not to mention very expensive.

Try to find gifts that have significance to her:

  • A meal at the place where you had your first date
  • An item of clothing that she has been wanting for a long time
  • A picture book filled with photos of the two of you
  • A video of all of the memories you have recorded over the years

These are just a few ideas, but they are the ones that will show her how much you love her!

A greeting card is NOT romantic, though there are a few that will help to add to the romance once you write a note inside. The personal touch is always going to sell the romance, and that’s what she wants from you!

The best way to show her you love her: give her your time. The truth is that you’re probably very busy, so you doubtless have very little time to spend with her. If you give her your time–quality, focused time without any distractions–you’ll find that she will feel the love more effectively than she would by receiving an expensive gift.

Find that selective blindness that will keep the romance alive. You need to be blind to some of her faults and failings, or else you will come across as critical. Pick your battles!

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