An Idiot’s Guide to Romance Part 1

An Idiot’s Guide to Romance Part 1

Want to be romantic but not sure how? Check out our simple guide to romance for beginners:

Women love the following things:

  • Candles — There’s something uber romantic to a candlelit dinner, a house with all the lights shut off and ONLY candles lit, or candles spread around the bedroom. For date night, go with candles–the scented ones are always a good choice!
  • Red — For some reason, red is considered a highly romantic color. When it doubt, get her something red: underwear, a scarf, roses, etc.
  • Flowers — Roses may be the classic romantic flower, but they’re not the only option! Find out what her favorite flower is, and bring it home every time you want to surprise her with something extra special.
  • Dim Lighting — Want to increase the romantic ambience of any room? Simply turn down the lights and let the dim lighting do its magic. Sunset, sunrise, and candlelight are all supremely romantic!
  • Chocolates –– Who doesn’t love chocolate? Not only are chocolates excellent to meet her cravings for something sweet, but they actually release chemicals in her brain that make her feel happy. When it doubt, always go with chocolates!
  • The Right Music — Not sure how to increase the romantic ambience of your date night or dinner? Bring the right music: her favorite soft rock CD, some smooth jazz, or even some EDM can do the trick if it’s her style. Find the music she likes, and play that in the background to get her in the mood.
  • Soft Gifts  — Teddy bears, scarves, plush pillows, and shawls all make excellent gifts for women. There’s something wonderful about the soft texture of these items that you can’t help but love.

Find our more in Part 2 of this post…

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