An Idiot’s Guide to Kissing Part 2

An Idiot’s Guide to Kissing Part 2

Don’t kiss him or her the same way you do every day, but try to look for new ways to smooch!

Here are some ways you can add variety to your kissing:

  • Kiss in the rain. Adding water into the mixture can make it VERY romantic, and you may find that the wetness can be an added turn-on–not to mention totally change the way your kiss feels.
  • Kiss/lick around the lips. Don’t just lock those lips together, but spend some time kissing the sensitive edges of your lips. You can lick around your partner’s lips to change the sensation of those kisses.
  • Kiss with a chill. Before you plant a wet one on that special someone, suck on an ice cube or a frozen grape/strawberry. When you finally do kiss, the cold will be like a pleasant surprise that will make the kiss stand out.
  • Kiss with gusto. Be like an old-fashioned movie star and grab her head in both hands to kiss her with passion. The power kiss is something you cannot overestimate, and, when it’s done right, will leave her breathless and wanting more.
  • Kiss with some sweet. Before you smooch, eat something sweet, fruity, or minty (strawberry, chocolate, Altoid, etc.). The added flavor of the kiss will be a delightful surprise, and it can lead to all sorts of curiously enjoyable ideas!
  • Kiss as you drive. Well, not as you’re driving, but when you stop at a red light or stop sign. Make it a point to give him/her a passionate kiss every time you stop, and who knows what will happen when you get home?

Don’t let your kissing become boring or stale! The way you kiss says a lot about you as a couple, so use the tricks above to add some spice back into your necking.

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