An Idiot’s Guide to Kissing Part 1

An Idiot’s Guide to Kissing Part 1

Kissing is a VERY important part of romance, but do you know how to do it right?

Here’s what you need to know:

Talk about it — Want to be certain you’re kissing right? Ask your partner what they like in a good kiss, and take some time to practice kissing–teaching each other the “right” way to do it. For new couples, this can be a good way to get to know each other’s preferences.

Men, chill it with the tongue — Many men tend to be very aggressive with their tongues, and that can often be a turn-off for women. Cut back on your invasion of her mouth, and use your tongue as she directs.

Women, open your mouths — Kissing with a closed mouth can annoy your man, so it’s time to open your lips a bit more. Don’t hesitate to use your tongue.

Move around the face and neck — Don’t keep your lips permanently locked together, but take your time to explore her face, her neck, her ears, etc. Women, men may also love it if you go exploring.

Feel it in your body — Don’t just kiss with your lips, but put your whole body into each kiss. You’ll know when you’re doing it right!

Drag it out — A quick peck on the lips may be fine when you’re walking out the door, but there are always times when it’s good to let that kiss run on longer. Drag out that kiss, really getting into it. The deeper the kiss, the more passion your partner will feel.

Change things up — Both men and women get tired of the same kiss after a while, so don’t hesitate to explore new ways to kiss.

See Part 2 for ways to kiss like a pro…

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