Ideas for a Romantic Date Night at Home Part 3

Ideas for a Romantic Date Night at Home Part 3

Date night at home can be so much more romantic than a night out, not to mention so much more relaxing!

If you are planning your home date night, here are a few awesome ideas to consider:

  • Slumber party — It’s nice to get away from your bedroom for a night every once in a while, so it’s time to turn your living room into a slumber party nest. Make sure the kids are put to bed (or farmed out to the grandparents for an evening), and crash on the living room floor. You’re in for some pretty interesting sex!
  • Karaoke night –– This may sound like a silly idea for just the two of you, but who knows? It could be fun, especially if you sing those hard-to-reach songs that you’d never dare to perform in front of others.
  • Go international — Instead of sticking with your traditional date night menu, why not get creative and order/cook some international food? Not only can you have an international meal, but you can buy all drinks from that country and watch a movie either set in or made in that country. Definitely a way to try new things!
  • Wine bar –– There’s nothing as wonderful as going to a wine bar and trying all of the delightful options on the menu. But don’t let the fact that you’re having date night at home stop you! Bring the wine bar to your home, and stock up on a half-dozen bottles of wines from around the world. You can make a big production of sampling each wine, and you may just find a few new options to add to your liquor cabinet!’

It’s all about getting creative and thinking out of the box when planning your date night at home.

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