Ideas for a Romantic Date Night at Home Part 2

Ideas for a Romantic Date Night at Home Part 2

If you’ve had a long week of work, avoid the stress by planning your date night at home!

Here are some ideas to make your home date night fun:

  • Strip Trivia — To kick things up a notch, time to bring the sizzle with a game of Strip Trivia. Write down a bunch of questions that your partner should know the answers to, all about you, your life, your personality, your preferences, etc. If they get it wrong, they have to lose an item of clothing.
  • Camp-In — Instead of heading into the great outdoors for some camping, why not camp in the comfort of your own living room? Pitch a tent on the carpet, and sit back and watch TV from your sleeping bags. Or, you can set up candles (outside the tent) and enjoy a bit of peace and quiet. Make sure to have “sounds of nature” music playing in the background to complete the ambience.
  • Formal dinner at home –– Dress in your nicest clothing, but instead of leaving the home, have a fancy dinner in your own living room. It’s a great way to look beautiful for your partner, and it will help you to remember what you look like when you’re dressed to the nines.
  • DIY Dream Date –– Sit down with your partner and write down everything that you wish you could do on dream date nights at home. Put those suggestions in a hat and every week pick out a new one. It can be a challenge to see how your partner gets creative with planning the date. To make it even more fun, write a list of ALL the fun things you want–even out of the house. Then it’s a bigger challenge to see how you can make it come true in your own home.

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