How to Write the Perfect Love Letter Part 2

How to Write the Perfect Love Letter Part 2

Want to write the perfect love letter? We’ve got tips to turn you into a Percy Shelley or Lord Byron in your love letter!

You’ve already gotten in the mood, collected the proper tools for the job, and printed the date. Now it’s time to write the letter itself.

Step 5: “Dear _____” — You don’t have to start out with the “Dear”, but you can use phrases like “My Dearest” or “Darling”. If you have a pet name for your partner or spouse, use that in the letter. It adds the personal touch and IMMEDIATELY sets the tone for the letter.

Step 6: Say why you wrote this letter — What prompted you to write this letter? Are you feeling extra in love? Do you want to fan the flames of your marriage? In the opening of the letter, tell that special someone what prompted you to write the letter. It will let them know that you are thinking about them/your relationship/marriage, and will make them feel loved.

Step 7: Talk about your love — This is the body of the letter, and it should include things like:

  • Why you love them
  • What made you fall in love with them
  • Special moments you remember
  • Happy memories
  • How much you love/miss them
  • The things you have in common
  • Their qualities that you love
  • and so on…

This should be the deep part of the letter. Don’t be frivolous or flippant, but try to convey true emotions and feelings.

Step 8: Close the letter — End with “All my love”, “My heart is yours”, or some other equally romantic closing. You NEVER want to sign off “Sincerely”, but always end with a romantic touch before signing your name

Note: Don’t expect to get the letter right on the first try! Practice writing the letter on scrap paper until you have the wording just right, then duplicate it using the fancy pen and stationery.

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