How to Write the Perfect Love Letter Part 1

How to Write the Perfect Love Letter Part 1

The art of writing love letters is being lost, thanks to texts and email. If you want to write the perfect love letter, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Get beautiful stationery — Plain white paper may be fine for printing memos and documents, but it’s not good enough for that perfect love letter. Get yourself fancy stationery in a neutral or soft color (white, cream, bone, etc.). This is the canvas upon which you will paint the masterpiece that is your perfect love letter.

Step 2: Get a fancy pen — Get a flair pen or calligraphy pen, using black ink preferably (blue and red are no-no’s, brown is okay). You will need a “paintbrush” to paint your work of ark, and a ball-point pen or (God forbid) a pencil just won’t cut it!

Step 3: Get in the mood — Take yourself into a dark, quiet place. Put soft music on in the background, and make sure that your special song comes on as you start writing the letter. Light a few candles, spray his cologne or her perfume around your desk, and take deep, relaxing breaths. This will help you to get in the mood for some romance–perfect for writing a love letter.

Step 4: Start off with the date — You always need to write the date that you wrote the letter, or the date that the letter will be received (special holiday, birthday, etc.). This is a letter that you want him/her to keep for years to come, and writing the date on your letter will help him/her remember exactly when they received it.

Find the next steps on writing a perfect love letter in Part 2 of the series. In that post, we’ll get down to the nitty gritty of writing the actual letter…

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