How to Survive Dating a Stripper Part 3

How to Survive Dating a Stripper Part 3

If you’re planning on dating a stripper, you may soon find that it’s easier said than done! There’s a lot men don’t realize when it comes to dating strippers.

Here are some tips to help you date her the right way:

  • Be interested in her — Yes, she undoubtedly has a body to kill for, but she gets that from every other man in the room. If you want to really keep her on the hook, you have to be interested in more than just her body. Find something about her that is genuinely interesting, such as her studies, her passions, and her activities outside the club. The more interest you show in HER, the more she will love you for it.
  • Don’t be a regular — She may not like it if you’re always hanging around the club during her busy hours. After all, she may not want you to see some of the things she does to earn money, and it will embarrass her if you are there. Come by the club when things are slow, but take off when the customers start to trickle in. It can do a lot to save your relationship!
  • Don’t bother with the flash –– She is very accustomed to men trying to impress her with expensive gifts and fancy things, so don’t bother. The way to keep your relationship alive is to show her the genuine part of you, and that’s what will keep her interested. Don’t try to compete with all of the other men striving to win her affections, but just be yourself. She’s dating you, remember? It means she finds something in you that is more appealing than all the men in her club!

Follow these tips, and you’ll get through dating a stripper the right way…

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