How to Survive Dating a Stripper Part 2

How to Survive Dating a Stripper Part 2

While many men fantasize about dating a stripper, in reality, it’s not the easiest thing for most guys to handle. Here’s how to survive:

  • Be prepared for undue attention — If you’re out and about with your lady, there’s a very real chance that she will be recognized. She’ll probably get a lot of attention when you hang out together at her club, and it’s important that you understand this before you start dating. If you can handle all the attention she is getting without being jealous, she will love you all the more for it.
  • Handle your jealousy –– Yes, it can be like a knife to the gut to see the woman you love gyrating on a pole for an audience of men, but remember: she was doing this before you came along, and she’ll probably continue long after you’re gone. If you want to survive the relationship, you need to deal with your jealousy. Don’t let it crop up, and try to find a way to be okay with her choice of occupation. Women don’t like men that are overly jealous, and you can bet your boots that male jealousy has ruined a few of her relationships in the past.
  • Don’t judge –– You have no idea how many of the people in her life are already judging her for her choice of occupation. The last thing she wants from you is that same judgment. Try to keep an open mind, and remember that this is her way of earning a living. If this is how she chooses to do it, you need to be okay with it–no matter how little you like it. She will appreciate it A LOT!

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