How to Survive Dating a Stripper Part 1

How to Survive Dating a Stripper Part 1

Dating a stripper may seem like a wonderful thing, but it definitely has its downsides. Here is some advice to help you survive dating a stripper:

  • Understand her reasons why — Not all women are stripping because they like to show off their body or they crave attention from men. Many of them are doing it because it’s the best way to pay for an education, repay debts, or set aside a good deal of money in a short amount of time. She may not like what she does, but she’s doing it for the right reasons. If you understand why she’s stripping, it will help you to be more comfortable with her choice of occupation.
  • Find more to her –– She is so much more than just a “stripper”. For many men, all they can see is the woman up on the stage or spinning on the pole, but what else does she have to offer? Chances are, she’s highly intelligent, driven, and focused on reaching a certain objective, and she has the same likes and dislikes as any other woman you’ll meet. Find out more about the woman behind the stage persona, and you’ll find a lot to fall in love with!
  • Don’t look down on her –– If there is one thing strippers and women in the entertainment industry HATE, it’s men condemning them or looking down on them for their chosen occupation. If she has made the choice to be a stripper, that’s her choice! You can love her for who she is, without having to like what she does. If you condescend, condemn, or criticize, you’re going to drive her away.

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