How to Make People Want You

How to Make People Want You

Want to know how to make people want you? It’s not as hard as you think!

Here’s what you need to know:

Don’t be boring — Sure, this may sound easier said than done, but it’s as simple as asking questions and actually listening to the answer. Most people are happy to talk about themselves, and a few well-timed questions can lead to long conversations and mutual attraction.

Be available — People want to know that you’re available, physically, emotionally, and intellectually. Say something that shows them you are interested in learning something new, making new connections, and more. It’s a subtle thing, but it works!

Start strong — Did you know that you have up to 30 seconds to interest the people you come in contact with? Just like the first line of a book, your first 30 seconds need to be strong if you want to attract the people you’re talking to.

Use your body — Not in a creepy way, but we’re talking about body language. Open up your chest and torso, show your hands, and stand straight. This will be much more attractive than sticking your hands in your pocket, crossing your arms, and hunching over. Confident body language will make you LOOK more attractive.

Smile — A genuine smile is contagious. Many women (and men) will only warm up to you when they see you smile. It’s an unconscious signal that you are relaxed and friendly. You don’t want to force it, but don’t be afraid to smile or laugh when the moment is right.

The truth is that there are things you can do to make yourself more attractive! If you know how to make people want you, your chances of success at dating and romance will increase.

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