How to Make a Top Notch Online Dating Profile

How to Make a Top Notch Online Dating Profile

Want to know how to make an online dating profile that will stand out from all the rest? Here’s what you need to know:

Get the photo right — This may sound easier said than done, but it doesn’t have to be a challenge. First, try to take a picture when you’re happy and relaxed. You’d be surprised by how a photo can communicate emotions! Second, make sure to get a photo that shows who you are–i.e.; a photo in your garden if you’re a gardener, a photo with your pet if you’re a pet lover, a photo of you playing sports if you’re an athlete, etc. Take lots of shots, and settle on the one you like best!

Highlight your passions — When writing your “About Me”, don’t stick with just the facts of who you are and what you do. Get a bit more into detail about the things you like, your passions, and your quirks. You’ll find that these things make you stand out from the thousands of others on the website, and the little details could help to lead the right person straight to you.

Include the important details — Many people forget to add their age, their profession, and other important details about themselves when writing a profile. Don’t make that mistake! Add those things in (though not as the first thing people see about you) so people know what to expect.

Keep it brief — Your entire “About Me” section should be no more than 300 or 400 words. Remember, less is more! Say what you need to say about yourself in as few words as possible. No one wants to spend a half hour reading large chunks of text just to decide if they want to date you.

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