How to Love an Atheist Part 2

How to Love an Atheist Part 2

Religious differences can often break up relationships and marriages, but don’t let that happen to you! Here’s how to love an atheist no matter what:

  • Focus on the common ground — You two love each other, you share many wonderful hobbies and passions, you enjoy similar activities, you may even have kids together. The main difference lies in your religion. Don’t focus on those differences, but make sure that your focus stays firmly on the things you have in common.
  • Adjust your way of speaking –– To him or her, saying “I’m praying for you” has about as much meaning as “I’m so sorry about your problems”. Saying, “the Lord’s will” has little to no significance. It’s time to change the way you speak and act, not because it’s going to bother them, but because you love them enough to speak and act in a way that they can identify with.
  • Be ready to be wrong –– You cannot be so 100% set in your ways that you have no doubts about Christianity or any of its beliefs. If so, you are close-minded and bigoted. Anyone who is so firmly entrenched in their way of thinking that there is no way that they can be wrong is almost always wrong, at least in little ways. Be willing to hear the other side or a different way of thinking, and you may learn a thing or two that will give you a better understanding about the other person, if not about your religion.
  • They aren’t broken –– Just because someone is an atheist, that doesn’t mean they have a problem that needs fixing. It’s just a difference credo or religion than yours! Don’t try to fix them, but let them be content with their beliefs and practices–just like they do with yours.
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