How to Love an Atheist Part 1

How to Love an Atheist Part 1

As a Christian or believer, dating an atheist can be QUITE the challenge! Their beliefs aren’t the same, their approach to life is different, and their outlook on all manner of things are opposite to yours.

But it’s not impossible! Here is some advice on how to love an atheist no matter what:

  • Learn about them — Do you know WHY they are an atheist? What is it about religions that they find so unappealing? If you are so stuck on your differences, you will never truly understand them and their way of thinking. It’s time to talk to them and learn as much about them as possible, so you can realize why they are the way they are. Understanding is the key to getting along!
  • Listen more than talk — No atheist wants to listen to you preach at them, so don’t. Just listen to what they have to say, even if you don’t agree with it. Listening shows that you care about them, and it will help them to realize that you are more important than what they believe. DEFINITELY avoid giving them sermons or biblical lessons!
  • Learn about atheism –– You might be surprised to find that many atheists are deeply spiritual people who just haven’t found answers that they can identify with. If you want to understand your atheist boyfriend or girlfriend more, try watching the video “What Atheists Wish Christians Knew About Them“.
  • Be prepared to NOT get angry –– When talking or debating with an atheist, you’re going to hear things that may offend your Christian beliefs. But if you want to have a life with that atheist, you’re going to need to hold your temper. Remember, he/she is not attacking YOU, just the established beliefs and practices. Don’t make it personal.

Part 2 has more tips on how to love despite the religious divide…

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