How to Know You Are a True Romantic Part 5

How to Know You Are a True Romantic Part 5

Not sure if you’re a true romantic? Here are a few signs that will be a surefire way to know:

  • Your playlist is packed with “feels” — If your playlist is dominated by songs from artists like John Mayer, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Adele, and Katy Perry, you’re probably a true romantic at heart. These songs inspire you, but they also help you to feel things when you listen to them. Even if some of the songs have a “hopeless” romantic feel to them, they are still the songs that make you feel alive and in love!
  • You love Valentine’s Day –– Boyfriend/girlfriend or not, V-Day is your favorite day of the year! It’s an entire holiday meant to celebrate love, and you’re going to celebrate it with friends even if you don’t have a “special someone” to share it with! You’re the one who bakes the pink frosted heart-shaped cupcakes, and you’re the one who delivers chocolates to all of your other gloomy single friends. You’re more than happy to stay with them and offer words of wisdom like “There’s someone out there for you” when they need to hear it.
  • You love PDA –– While some people can be a bit uncomfortable with public displays of affection, you’re not one of those people. You love being open with your affection, not because it’s “marking your territory”, but because it’s a way of showing your man or woman how much they mean to you, and you don’t care who else sees or knows! You want the world to know how much you love this person, so you’re happy to display your affection in front of others.

If you fall into any of these categories, it’s very likely that you’re a hopeless romantic!

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