How to Know You Are a True Romantic Part 4

How to Know You Are a True Romantic Part 4

 There’s something utterly wonderful about romance and love! Here are a few signs that you are a true romantic at heart:

  • You treat non-human things with love — Pets? You can’t have enough! You’d have more than the one dog and four cats if your partner would let you, but every one of them is an important part of your little “family”. Plants? Your house is filled with green living things, and you have a garden filled with beautiful flowers and veggies that you care for every day. You decorate with love and care, and you make sure that everything in your home–living and inanimate–is cared for.
  • You’re okay with tears –– Many men and women have a hard time opening up and crying in front of their partner, but you’ve come to realize that tears are just a part of life. Your tears are a way to express the way you feel, and to let the emotion flow. You don’t cry to manipulate your partner into doing what you want them to do, but you are comfortable with your own emotions. If the tears are going to flow, let them flow!
  • You are touched by the little things — Your man remembered to take out the trash without being reminded? It’s as “big a deal” as him remembering to take you out of town for a big anniversary bash! Did she pack a note in your briefcase before you went off to work? You feel the love just as much as you would had she prepared a five-course meal for your birthday! The true romantics are touched by even small gestures of love, as they are very much from the heart.

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