How to Know You Are a True Romantic Part 3

How to Know You Are a True Romantic Part 3

Being a true romantic is about more than just hoping for romance; it’s about expecting that there is someone out there for you, and being willing to wait until you find each other!

Here are a few signs you’re a true romantic:

  • You cuddle with your partner’s pillow when they’re not around — Has your partner or spouse gone on a trip out of town? No worries, you’ve got their pillow for comfort! You move over to sleep on their side of the bed, with one of their favorite T-shirts as a pillowcase. The smell of their cologne or perfume helps you to sleep, and you are comforted knowing that they are with you in spirit.
  • You plan more ways to be together — Who doesn’t want to spend more time together? Surprisingly, a LOT of couples! Many people find activities that take them away from each other, but not you. You’re always looking into fun things that the two of you can do together, or looking for ways to become a more important part of her life at work, her hobbies, etc. Even if it means doing something that you’re not too fond of (like attending cooking classes, taking up knitting, or getting into fitness), it’s all worth it because you can be with him/her.
  • You can easily think of a life together — Many people have a tendency to get ahead of themselves and envision an entire life with “the one”. Not you. You’re a true romantic in that you can picture yourself growing old and being happy with that person, but you know that there’s going to be a lot between now and “happily ever after”. You’ve come to realize that there’s crap you’ll need to put up with, and you’re okay with that!

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