How to Know You Are a True Romantic Part 2

How to Know You Are a True Romantic Part 2

There is nothing more wonderful than romance and love! Here are a few signs that you are a true romantic at heart:

  • You hope for “the one” — Bad exes and spoiled relationships be damned! Those things are long in the past, and you have the future to look forward to. You are constantly looking for ways to meet new people, as that will help you to find the person who will be “the one”. It doesn’t matter how much others have hurt you in the past; you’re still optimistic that someone out there will be the right one for you.
  • You’ve got “dream boards” or Pinterest boards all about love –– This may annoy the people who have to see your latest pins or changes to the dream boards, but so what? You love love, and you don’t care who knows it. You’re happiest when you’re reading quotes about love and romance, or when you’re cutting out pictures from the latest magazine for couples. In the end, being able to visualize the love you will soon have is an important part of your life!
  • Your dream city to visit is either Paris or Venice –– You don’t care that you don’t speak the language or can’t afford it right now! All you know is that you HAVE to visit one of these two places, dubbed the two most romantic cities in the world. And despite what some of your friends may tell you, you just know that they really are as romantic as you think they are.  After all, all the romantic books and movies can’t be lying to you, can they?

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