How to Know You Are a True Romantic Part 1

How to Know You Are a True Romantic Part 1

We all have some instinct to create romance in our lives, but how can you know if you are a true romantic? Here are some signs to indicate it:

  • You enjoy romance — Whether it’s in books or movies, you enjoy anything that has to do with romance. You may own or have read multiple John Green and Nicholas Sparks books, you watch movies like Love, Actually on a regular basis, and are more than happy to hit the cinemas for a rom-com over an action flick any day. True romantics love romance in all of its messy, unpredictable forms, and you can find romance wherever you are.
  • You plan the dates –– While it’s “common practice” for men to plan the dates, do you do it because it’s your duty, or because you want to do something to make her feel special? A true romantic will find fun, creative, and romantic outings for the two of you, even when it’s not “date night”. What matters most is that the two of you are together, doing something you enjoy, and sharing the company of the person you cherish above all others.
  • You can’t plan enough romantic gestures — If you’re the kind of person who thinks about bringing flowers home because “it’s Tuesday” or you decorate the bedroom on a Friday night for some fun indoors, you’ve got that romantic streak deep within. You’re always coming up with new and creative ways to spend time together, escape the stresses of work and family life, and reconnect as a couple. That is a sign that you are a true romantic at heart!

In Part 2, we’ve got lots more ways to help you know whether or not you are a true romantic…

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