How to Know the Relationship is Over Part 5

How to Know the Relationship is Over Part 5

No one wants to admit that they’ve failed at a relationship, but sometimes it’s better to call it quits and move on!

Here’s how to know the relationship is over:

You don’t respect them — Respect plays such an important role in any relationship. If you don’t respect your partner, your love–no matter how passionate–won’t last. You can’t join your life together with someone you don’t respect.

They take last priority — There will always be things that are more important than your boyfriend or girlfriend. School or work are both highly important, and your kids, your friends, and your family also matter. But your significant other shouldn’t be at the bottom of your list of priorities. You need to rank them fairly high on the list, or else they’re going to feel like they’re not an important part of your life. If you just can’t bring yourself to care enough about your significant other over your job, education, family, friends, and kids, it’s a sign things may be heading toward the “end of the road”.

They are “in the way” — A partner or significant other should always help you to achieve things and make progress in your journey. But what happens when they get in the way? How can you justify their presence in your life if you have to work double time just to keep up with your efforts AND make space for them in your life? If you feel like they’re in the way, it may be time to cut them loose and focus on what matters most to you. Not only will this prevent you from resenting them from slowing you down or stopping you from achieving your goals, but it allow them to move on and find someone who wants them in their life.

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