How to Know the Relationship is Over Part 4

How to Know the Relationship is Over Part 4

It’s tough to know when your relationship has gone beyond the point of “being on the rocks” and reached the “done” stage. How can you be certain that it’s really time to move on?

Here’s how to know the relationship is over:

You’re happier doing things without them — It’s vital for couples to spend time apart, and hanging out or doing activities with friends is a great way to develop your own sense of identity and completeness. But what happens when you are actively looking for ways to do things without the other person? It’s a pretty good sign that you are truly happier when they’re not there!

You just can’t trust them — Everyone makes mistakes in relationships! Whether they withhold the truth from you, do something behind your back, or even step out on you, there will always be things that “ding” your trust. But what do you do when they’ve “gone too far”? You feel like you can’t trust them, and you’re always suspicious of them and their motives. It’s probably a good sign that things have reached the breaking point!

It’s all about you — We all need to focus on ourselves and our journey through life. But, when you started your relationship, you brought someone else on the journey with you. A relationship should be two people working together to reach their goals, not two people pulling in two different directions. If your life has become all about YOU and what YOU want, and you’ve simply stopped caring what the other person thinks or wants in any situation, it’s a pretty good sign that they aren’t the right partner for you on this journey.

In Part 5, we’ve got more signs to help you realize it’s time to move on…

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