How to Know the Relationship is Over Part 3

How to Know the Relationship is Over Part 3

It’s hard to admit that a relationship really is done! We all want to try to cling to our partners or our happy little bubbles rather than realizing that things have run their course.

But, if you want to be certain that it’s time to move on, here’s how to know the relationship is over:

You’ve lost interest — Once you’ve been with someone for a while (months or years), you begin to have similar conversations on a regular basis. That’s just part of sharing your life with someone else. But what happens when those conversations happen ALL the time? You can’t find anything new to talk about, and you’ve completely lost interest in the other person? That’s a sign that it’s time to freshen things up or move on!

You don’t talk — Communication is a very important part of any relationship. You may be able to read their body language and facial expressions just fine, but what happens when you stop talking? You may try to blame it on how busy the two of you are, but is that really the problem? The real problem is that you’ve lost interest in the other person, so you don’t make an effort to have conversation on topics that they will find interesting.

You never argue — Not arguing enough can be just as bad a sign as arguing too much! When you don’t argue at all, it’s usually a sign that you don’t care enough to press your point home or help the other person understand your side of things. It may also indicate that you’ve used up all of your emotional energy in this relationship, and it’s time to tap out!

In Part 4, we’ve got a few more signs to let you know it’s done…

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