How to Know the Relationship is Over Part 1

How to Know the Relationship is Over Part 1

It’s not always easy to tell if or when a relationship has run its course. You want to be optimistic and hopeful, but how can you be certain it’s truly done?

Here’s how to know the relationship is over:

You are a mean drunk — It has been said that “in wine, there is truth”. For many people, the true them comes out when they drink. Well, what happens when you drink? Are you a fun, happy, funny, person when you’re tipsy, or do you turn mean and snap or bark at the man or woman in your life? If you are the latter, it may be a sign that THAT is how you truly feel about the other person.

The sex is more work than pleasure — Sex is one of the most amazing, enjoyable activities in the world, and it’s something that you should look forward to every day (or every week). But, in relationships that have run their course, the sex often feels stale, boring, and like a chore. There is a certain amount of “work” that goes into keeping a sexual relationship alive, but it shouldn’t feel like you’re forcing yourself to do it just to keep things going.

Your eye has begun to wander — There is a certain amount of “wandering eyes” that is acceptable in a relationship. A handsome man or beautiful woman is a wonderful thing to look at, and it’s always nice to know that you can enjoy looking as long as you don’t touch. But if your eyes begin to truly wander, and you find yourself thinking more about someone else than the person you are currently in a relationship with, it may be a sign your relationship isn’t providing the satisfaction or fulfillment you crave–both emotionally and physically!

In Part 2, we’ve got more tips to help you know for sure…

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