How to Know if She Is the One Part 5

How to Know if She Is the One Part 5

When dating a girl, it can be hard to see far into the future or know if she is the one for you or not. Well, take a look at these simple signs that could very well indicate that she really is “the one”:

  • She is comfortable talking and thinking about the future — For many men, talking about “the future” can be a scary thing. But it’s vital that you have these discussions, as you need to be sure that your visions of the future are in alignment. If she is comfortable thinking ahead, she is definitely one you’ll want to consider sharing a future with.
  • She is accepting of your preferences –– If you’re a comic geek, she’s okay with it. If you enjoy listening to death metal, she’s not going to complain. If you like to watch reality TV, she’ll plop on the couch beside you. Perhaps she’ll poke fun at you a little, but she’s willing to accept your likes and dislikes because they’re part of who you are.
  • She supports you –– We all have our moments of weakness when we fall or struggle. The “right” woman is one who will be there for you, help you out of your jam, and get you back on your feet. She supports you without any recrimination or reproach, and she doesn’t try to shame you for your weakness.
  • She encourages you to follow your dreams –– We all have dreams, but how many of us actually pursue them? If your girl encourages you to pursue your passions and chase those dreams, she’s definitely one you want to keep around! She’ll be the wind beneath your wings as you follow your passion to the very end.
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