How to Know if She Is the One Part 3

How to Know if She Is the One Part 3

It can be tough to know if she is the one for you, or if this is just a temporary thing. Here are a few signs that the woman you’re dating may very well be “the one”:

  • She is always evolving and growing as a person — A certain amount of growth and change is a necessary part of any long-term relationship. Both partners can’t stay exactly the same and expect things to continue to improve. If she is trying to make changes in her life because they matter to you, she is definitely thinking about the long-term of your relationship. Definitely a keeper!
  • She never leaves you doubting how she feels about you –– No mind games, no feminine “tricks” to keep you on your toes or guessing. She lets you know how she feels straight out, without expecting you to read her mind. If a woman can be direct and straightforward like this, she’s one to hang on to at all costs!
  • She can enjoy the simpler things in life –– It’s tough to feel like you have to be constantly buying her things, giving her lavish gifts, or taking her to fancy places to keep her interested in you. The “right” woman will enjoy the cheaper, simpler things in life just as much as the finer things. You’ll be able to enjoy a day or evening together without spending a small fortune, all because you are in each other’s company.
  • She understands her sexual desires — Nothing is sexier than a woman who knows what she wants in bed! If you find a woman who knows what she likes, is comfortable with her sexuality, and is willing to try the occasional new thing, she is 100% a keeper!

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