How to Know if She Is the One Part 2

How to Know if She Is the One Part 2

How can you tell if she is the one, the right one for you to settle down with someday? Here are a few simple ways to know:

  • She’s willing to try the things you like — Her idea of a fun weekend may not be hiking, paddleboarding, rock climbing, or playing video games, but she’s at least willing to try them because they’re the kind of thing you love to do. That’s definitely a sign that she’s a keeper, as she thinks about more than just herself and her wants!
  • She respects your parents and family — She may have her own opinions on them and their relationship with you, but if she is respectful and friendly toward your family, she’s definitely one you want to keep around! If she is nice to you but can’t get along with your family, it’s something to think about.
  • She is on the same “class” level as you –– Do you ever find it hard to believe that such a beautiful, elegant woman is dating you? If so, it can lead to insecurity, which in turn leads to other problems. You want to find a woman who you feel is in the same “class” as you, one who helps you feel comfortable and secure in your relationship.
  • She knows how to communicate –– All good relationships are built on solid communication! As a man, you may have a bit more trouble being open and honest with the way you feel about certain things. If she tries to draw you out and encourages you to open up to her, she’s definitely one to keep!

Read Part 3 for a few more signs that the woman you’re dating may very well be “the one” for you…

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