How to Know if She Is the One Part 1

How to Know if She Is the One Part 1

How can you be certain that the girl you’re daring is the right one for you? Here are a few signs that she is the one:

  • She is glad to meet and hang out with your friends — Even if they don’t become her friends immediately, she is happy that you have friends and actively encourages you to spend time with them.
  • She responds to your messages quickly — She’s not too busy to show you a bit of attention, even in the middle of a day at work or a day of fun with her friends or family. She may send you a text with only a few words or a short email, but she’s happy to stop and let you know how much she cares!
  • She encourages you to be yourself –– It takes a while to get used to new people, and it may be difficult for you to figure out how much of “yourself” to let her see. If she is the one, she will encourage you to be yourself as much as possible, because that is the part of you that she wants to get to know.
  • She is willing to give you the last slice of pizza –– Men tend to be hungrier than women, and a woman who understands that is definitely a keeper. Of course, you should always offer her the last piece, but if she’s willing to let you have it, that’s a sign that she loves you a lot!
  • She handles your relationship on social media well –– No inappropriate comments, no “OMG! I miss you so much, Bae”, and certainly no long, overly gushy posts. No one wants to date “that girl”!

In Part 2, we’ve got a few more ways to know if she is the one…

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