How to Find Lasting Love Part 5

How to Find Lasting Love Part 5

The truth is that you can’t FIND lasting love! You can find love, but it’s up to you to ensure that it lasts.

Here is how you can work on your love to make sure that it’s as long-lasting as possible:

  • Communicate — This is more than just talking about your day or sharing funny stories. It goes far beyond that, to opening up and sharing how you really think and feel. Love and relationships can’t be a pretense or a show, but you have to be honest with the other person. Honest communication is what will keep your love alive.
  • Invest in your relationship –– That means that a lot of your time, money, emotions, and mental effort need to go toward making the other person happy. You need to give the other person attention, find shared interests, and spend time with them. It’s the only way to keep the relationship–and the love–alive.
  • Accept changes –– You’re going to need to change, as will your partner/significant other/love interest. Those changes can be tough, but they’re what will help you be better with each other. Your relationship will also go through periods of change. Sometimes, things will be going wonderfully and life will be great. At other times, you may feel miserable. Accept these changes, but be committed to sticking it out through thick and thin!
  • Fight, but fight fair –– A relationship without any fighting is guaranteed to die, and it’s an absolute sham. Two strong-minded people cannot cohabitate without disagreements, so fighting is a normal part of any healthy relationship. But HOW you fight will have a big impact on your relationship. You have to fight fair, express yourself clearly, and be open with the other person. There should be no humiliation, degradation, or stubborn refusal to consider the other point of view. Be fair!
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