How to Find Lasting Love Part 3

How to Find Lasting Love Part 3

Are you trying to find lasting love? Would you even know what it looks like if you found it?

Many people have their own idea of what “love” really is. To some, it’s having someone who is willing to do whatever you want them to. To others, it’s having someone to give you everything you want. To still others, it’s giving someone else all of you.

Here is what “healthy” (read: true) love really looks like:

  • It’s mutual — If it’s not shared, it’s not real, lasting love.
  • It’s respectful — Respect is a sign that you truly care about the person. Without respect, there can be no love.
  • It’s trusting — You’ll each make mistakes, but at the root of the love, there is trust in the other person’s actions and decisions.
  • It’s honest — Honesty is the key to a healthy relationship. Without honesty, you can’t truly love the other person because you won’t know who it is that you are loving.
  • It’s communicative — Communication helps you to learn more about the other person, and helps them learn more about you. A good relationship is built on solid communication.
  • It’s supportive — They help you in your goals, you help them in theirs. It’s not a one-sided thing, but it’s a “team” where both players contribute to the long-term success.
  • It’s fun — Love may be hard work sometimes, but it can’t be all work and no play. Love is a thrill ride, and it should be a whole lot of fun.
  • It’s fair — It’s not one-sided or selfish, but it’s a fair relationship where both partners get what they want and need from the other.

That’s what real, lasting love looks like!

In Part 4, we’ve got a few tips to help you realize when a love is NOT going to last…

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