How to Find Lasting Love Part 1

How to Find Lasting Love Part 1

Is it possible to find lasting love? Does true love even exist? Yes, and yes!

Many people struggle to find love that lasts, but the funny thing about love is that it takes work. It’s not all about romantic feelings and happiness. You’re going to have to invest time and effort into yourself, as well as the other person.

If you want to find lasting love, you’re going to have to work on yourself. What does that mean?

  • You need to understand more about yourself. What you like and dislike, what matters to you, what your goals are, etc. The more you understand about yourself, the easier it will be to help someone else learn about you.
  • You need to handle your s***. Everyone has flaws, failings, and weaknesses, but only those willing to work to improve themselves are ready for all that love has to offer. If you are trying to deal with your s**t, you’ll have an easier time accepting someone else’s flaws as well.
  • You need to be a complete person. What does this mean? Simply put, it means that you can’t go around looking for someone else to complete you. YOU need to be your own source of happiness, have passions and dreams, and pursue your own interest. It’s easy to include someone in your life if you already have a life. But waiting around for someone to “complete” you is going to lead to an unhealthy, co-dependent relationship that just won’t work.
  • You need to be making progress. When you have no goals or pursuits, you become a boring, stagnant person. It’s hard to love someone who has no aspirations, so making progress is the key to being a person that someone else can love.

In Part 2, we’ll learn how lasting love requires time invested in the other person…

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