How to Date an Independent Girl Part 3

How to Date an Independent Girl Part 3

Few things are more attractive to a man than a strong, confident, independent woman. Sadly, they’re also not the easiest to date!

If you want to know how to date an independent girl, here is some advice for you:

  • Prepare for questions — As an independent girl, she is accustomed to questioning everything around her. She will often ask you about your feelings for her, simply because she wants to be certain that you actually feel the way you say you do. It’s not that she doesn’t trust YOU, but it’s more like she’s accustomed to mistrusting everyone.
  • Expect her to pull away –– When she realizes how much she really likes you, she may feel a little scared. To her, the feelings that she has and the desire to be connected to you may terrify her, so she may end up pulling away a bit. This isn’t a sign that she wants out of the relationship, but it’s just her way of dealing with things. Give her a bit of space, and let her think things through. She’ll come back to you if you give her the time and space she needs.
  • She will be headstrong –– That is part of what attracted you to her in the first place, but it can make her a bit harder to deal with. She will have a very clear idea of what she wants and who she is, and she’ll have no problem saying it out loud. But the more you offer to help and prove that you are there for her, the easier it will be for her to let go and let you into her life.

In Part 4, we’ve got more advice on how to date an independent girl…

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