How to Date a More Successful Woman Part 2

How to Date a More Successful Woman Part 2

Dating a woman who makes more money than you is NOT always easy, but it can be done! Here are some tips to help you date a more successful woman:

  • Make it even — Once you are further into your relationship, it’s not a bad idea to consider splitting up the bills and expenses according to your respective paychecks. It may sting that she covers 75% of your costs of living, but you have to learn to deal. She doesn’t mind at all, so why should you?
  • Don’t try to go fancy –– If she is successful, she is very likely accustomed to very fancy things. There’s no way you can match that, so don’t bother trying. Instead, try to make things simpler and more personalized. For example, instead of taking her to a fancy restaurant for your anniversary, plan a surprise indoor picnic in your living room. The romantic gestures will mean so much more than any amount of money you can spend on her.
  • Earn respect –– Some successful, rich women have a tendency to order their men around, as they’re so used to calling the shots. If you let her do that, you’ll end up as just one more “toy” for her to play with. You don’t have to get nasty and try to assert your role as a man, but you should expect her to give you the respect that you are due as a man, as her partner, and as a human being.
  • Be a man –– That doesn’t mean you should assert your dominance, but it does mean that you should continue with the “male” roles: planning dates and trips, treating her like a lady, etc. She wants to date someone who she can be proud of, and who she can celebrate her success with. Be that man, and you will be an important part of her life.
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