How to Be Sure You Really Love Her Part 2

How to Be Sure You Really Love Her Part 2

Want to be sure you really love her? Here are some signs to keep an eye out for:

  • You respect her freedom — You may want to spend every minute with her, but how realistic is that? She has a job, school, and a life, and you can’t expect her to be with you all day every day. If you can respect her enough to be okay with her need for freedom, it’s a sign that you love her.
  • Her past is in her past –-It doesn’t matter if she once worked as an escort, cheated her way through law school, or broke your heart before. If you truly love her, her past won’t matter. Sure, you may still feel the occasional twinge–that’s totally normal! But you’ll be willing to put aside the way you feel in order to build a future together.
  • You can’t be mad at her for long –– Yes, women are some of the most infuriating creatures on God’s good green earth. They can get mad at you for nothing, or they’ll make you mad by saying three little words. But if you love someone, you don’t stay mad at them for very long. After all, the love you feel is more than enough to drown out any anger or frustration.
  • You’re in it for the long haul –– You’re not weighing your options or keeping a “side girl”, but you’ve got all of your thoughts and energy invested in your current relationship. Guys who have other girls on the side are more in love with themselves than with the girls. If you’re really in love, you’re there no matter what happens, with no “backup plans”, and no hedging your bets. You’re there until the end.
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