How to Be Romantic in Bed Part 5

How to Be Romantic in Bed Part 5

Want to be romantic in bed? Here are a few things you can do:

  • Use body paint — We’re talking the edible stuff, made from chocolate! It’s a whole lot of fun to take turns painting your partner’s body, then licking the stuff off. It’s also a delicious treat, and one that can add a nice amount of spice to your bedroom fun.
  • Set up the room to be a retreat –– Want to really get your partner in the mood? Light some candles, turn on soft music, decorate the room with rose petals, fill the air with beautiful scents, and lock the door. Bonus points for wearing something sexy! Both men and women appreciate this sort of thing, as it turns a boring room like the bedroom into a paradise–or at least something “new”. Don’t just save this for your anniversary or birthdays, but pull it out any time you want to surprise your partner.
  • Watch a movie –– Bring the TV or a computer into your bedroom and set it up so you can watch a movie in bed. Choose a romantic movie like The Princess Bride, When Harry Met Sally, or You’ve Got Mail, or something with action or suspense that will get your blood rushing. You can also choose a naughty XXX movie, and see if you can’t outperform the actors on the screen!
  • Bring food into the mix –– Want to spice things up? Add some sexy foods into your foreplay and lovemaking! For example, strawberries will be a brilliant addition to things. The bumpy texture of the fruit makes for some interesting sensations on your partner’s skin!

Being romantic in bed is all about thinking creatively and working outside the box of what you do every day.

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