How to Be Romantic in Bed Part 4

How to Be Romantic in Bed Part 4

Not sure how to be romantic in bed without being corny or cheesy? We’ve got some advice to help you out:

  • Tell your partner how sexy they are — If there is one thing that is guaranteed to get your partner feeling sexy, it’s hearing about how you find them sexy. What do you love most about your partner? Is it their mental abilities–their intelligence, their problem-solving skills, their organization, or some other skill? Is it a specific physical trait–the curl of their hair, their beautiful curves, the way their nose crinkles when they think, or something else? Tell your partner exactly what you find sexy about them, and it will help them to start feeling sexy. The sexier they feel, the more comfortable they will be.
  • Get naughty with the talk –– Naughty talk is definitely a good way to keep things moving along in the bedroom, and you’ll find that it can help you both to get in the mood. Talking dirty is not an easy skill to master, so start off slow and small. Start with things like “I like it when you do X with X body part”, or “When you do X, you look so sexy”. This is simple naughty talk, and it works because it puts an image of those specific things in your partner’s mind. You can tell your partner what part of your sex you enjoy the most, and it will help them to understand what you like–at least a little bit. Don’t be afraid to talk dirty or naughty in the bedroom, but just make sure to keep it reined in until you have more practice at doing it right!

In Part 5, we’ll look at some more ways to be romantic in bed…

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