How to Avoid Becoming Too Close for Comfort Part 2

How to Avoid Becoming Too Close for Comfort Part 2

How do you know if you’re “too close for comfort”? If you’re peeing with the door open or not even bothering to have good manners around the other person, that’s a surefire sign!

Here are some ways you can AVOID growing too close for comfort:

Have your own hobbies. Everyone needs hobbies and things that interest them or make them passionate. Your hobbies don’t have to be things that you two do together, but you should each have your own hobbies that take you in your own direction.

Now, if you let your hobbies occupy all of your time and take you away from your partner too much, then it becomes a problem. But if you can enjoy your own thing and find your own passion, you’ll be a much more complete person around your partner or spouse.

Leave home once in a while. You should make it a point for one of you to leave home for a night or two every month. There’s something about sleeping alone that makes you thankful for the other person in bed beside you!

You can make it a short trip to visit your family, spending a night at a friend’s house, or just checking into a hotel in the city. You can still visit each other (for some secret sexy times), but you will spend that day or two completely apart from the other person. It will make you appreciate them a lot more.

Split your vacations. Not every vacation has to be spent together. Spend at least one of your holidays with each other, then consider another shorter one with friends and family. You’ll find that you’ll look forward to home life a whole lot more! You’ll miss that person so much you won’t be able to wait to get home to see them.


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