How to Avoid Becoming Too Close for Comfort Part 1

How to Avoid Becoming Too Close for Comfort Part 1

Some couples get a little too close for comfort–they do EVERYTHING together, they lose the “mystery” in the relationship, and they stop looking for the new and unique about their partner.

If this happens, it could spell the end of a relationship, which is why it’s so important that you find a way to AVOID this at all costs! How can you do that?

Consider taking separating for vacations or holidays. When Christmas rolls around, do you have to go together to either one or the other’s parents’ house? This can probably lead to some tension, as both want to spend holidays with their families.

Well, instead of having an argument, why not spend a few days apart? While holidays are an important time for family (and you are family, now that you’re in a relationship), spending those few days with your own families can help to avoid the tug-of-war that is so common.

Have your own separate bank accounts. This may sound silly, but the truth is that it can be a good way to encourage smart financial decisions on both of your parts.

No doubt the two of you earn different salaries, which can lead to a bit of tension when it comes time to foot the various bills. But instead of seeing it as “my money and his/hers”, try seeing it as “our money, divided into two accounts”.

Set aside all of the money needed to pay the bills, and then divide what’s left down the middle. You each have your own money to use as you see fit, which of course means that you can get creative with your date night planning! The purpose of those separate accounts is to give each other financial independence.

Read Part 2 for a few more ways to avoid growing too close for comfort…

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