Hot Date Night Ideas to Try Part 2

Hot Date Night Ideas to Try Part 2

Planning a hot date night? Time to get creative and try something new:

  • Sexy late night picnic — There is nothing more relaxing than a picnic in a park, surrounded by the beauty of nature. But to dial up the sexy factor, make it a picnic under the stars. Bring a few sweet treats (heavy on the chocolate and strawberries), something savory to round out the flavors, and a bottle of her favorite wine. Lie back on the grass, cover yourselves with a blanket, stare up at the stars, and do what comes naturally! Scary, sexy, adventurous fun at its very best.
  • Hit up a club — You might be surprised by how much fun you can have on the dance floor! Dancing is a wonderful couples’ activity, and it can be a great way to get your bodies closer together in a totally socially acceptable way. Find a club that plays the right kind of music, get a few drinks in you, and loosen up those hips. She’ll love the fact that you’ve gone out dancing with her, and your rewards will be AWESOME.
  • Watch a sexy movie –– There are few places more comfortable or cozy than your own living room, and it’s a place where she can feel secure enough to get aroused. Instead of going out for your hot date night, plan a night at home. Set up your home theater and watch a sexy movie, such as Nine and a Half Weeks, Y Tu Mama Tambien, or Secretary, and snuggle on the couch. Heck, you can even watch a bit of softcore porn if it gets you in the mood! You can have a lot of fun without ever leaving your living room!

Part 3 has a few more hot date night ideas to try…

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