Hot Date Night Ideas to Try Part 1

Hot Date Night Ideas to Try Part 1

There’s nothing like a hot date night to get her in the mood for some happy bedtime adult fun!

Here are some ideas that will put her in the right frame of mind:

  • Take a yoga class together — There’s something wonderful about sweating together, and it’s a great way to engage in an activity that you both enjoy. Partner’s Yoga can be a lot of fun, plus you’ll find that it brings you a lot closer together. You can even get creative and go for some tantric Yoga to really bring the spice to your event!
  • Make a field trip to the sex shop –– You never know what kind of treasures you’ll find at your local sex shop! Sex shops are home to all sorts of intriguing implements and enhancers for your sexy times, and you may just find a few things there that could make your sex a whole lot more interesting. Sure, it may be a bit embarrassing at first, but once you get over it, you might enjoy your trip a lot more than you had expected.
  • Get a couples’ massage –– Few things are guaranteed to get her in the mood for sex like a good massage. It doesn’t even have to be an erotic massage–any massage is wonderful for stimulating blood flow to all the right places. You can get a massage right beside her, and it will help you to relax and get in the mood for something fun and romantic right after.  It may be a bit pricey, but it’s a sure-fire method to prepare her for what comes next.

Looking for more hot date night ideas to try? Read Part 2 for some more creative options to consider…

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