Honesty in Romance 101 Part 3

Honesty in Romance 101 Part 3

Honesty in romance is vital to a happy relationship or marriage, but it’s often easier said than done! If you want to be more honest with your partner or spouse, here are some tips to help you do it right:

Set topics as “off limits” — There will be a few sensitive subjects that you should avoid while having your open, honest discussions! They may be related to things that have caused problems in your relationship, or they are still sensitive issues to this day. Make sure that you designate them as “off limits”, at least for the current discussion. It will help you to stay honesty without entering the realm of arguing or fighting.

Know when to back off — It can be incredibly hard to back off when you feel like you are finally getting through to your partner and letting them see how you really feel. But sometimes that’s when it’s most important that you take it easy on them.

When you’ve been honest with the way you feel, your partner may feel like they have heard you out, gave ground, and tried to accommodate you. If you keep hammering away with the honesty, it can backfire and you may end up losing everything you’ve accomplished.

When you back off, it gives the other person room to breathe, to think, and to recover. It’s not easy to learn that you may be contributing to your partner’s unhappiness, and it can be a lot to take in. Know when to quit, rather than to keep pressing on. It will help you come out of your communication sessions happier and content with what you’ve accomplished.

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