Honesty in Romance 101 Part 2

Honesty in Romance 101 Part 2

Without honesty, your relationship is going to fail! It’s vital that you have honesty in romance, but is there such a thing as too much honesty? Here’s how to be honest the right way:

Make sure your intentions are plain — When you go into the conversation, it’s vital that your partner understands the purpose of your dialogue. Make sure that they know why you are bringing this up, not because you need them to do to change, but what you need to feel happy or content in your relationship.

Remember, honesty is not a club to use to beat the other person into submission, but it’s a tool that you can use to delicately let the other person know how you feel. If used correctly, it can lead to an improvement in your relationship.

Focus on yourself and your feelings — Even if you believe the other person is the cause of your woes, you can’t put the blame on them. Instead, tell them how you are feeling, without getting into their actions that you believe are making you feel this way. It’s all about you and what you feel, and that will open the floor for dialogue that can lead to healing.

If you start out with “I feel that you…”, immediately you are making it all about them. They’re far more likely to go on the defensive, and you’ve already set the wrong tone for your communication. You have to make sure that it doesn’t go that way, or you’ll never get your point across. Be honest about YOUR feelings and thoughts, but don’t place blame on them.

Want to bring more honesty in romance the right way? Read Part 3 for more advice to help you out…

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