The Greatest Sex Positions Ever, Part 2

The Greatest Sex Positions Ever, Part 2

Looking for some new, creative sex positions to try with that special someone? Here are a few of the rockin-est new positions to integrate into your sexy times:

The Eagle — This is NOT an easy position, and it takes a good amount of strength for the man to pull this one off. With this position, the man is standing, his hands clasped around the woman’s hips or butt and his legs bent to support her weight. The woman wraps her arms around his neck, and uses her legs to assist in the movement as he pounds her against the wall. Also known as “Wall Slamming”.

Reverse Cowgirl — For a VERY deep angle of penetration, this is a great position to try. The man lies on his back with the woman astride him, but she is facing AWAY from him–toward his feet. She places her hands on his chest or on the bed, and leans back slightly to get a deeper penetration as he uses the strength of his hip muscles to thrust up. Can be a very sexy position!

Countertop — If you’ve never had sex on the kitchen counters or the dining room tables, you’ve never lived! You can do this on the bathroom sink, on the nightstand, or even on a bar stool. All you need is a fairly solid surface for the woman to sit, and she can wrap her legs around the man’s waist for stability.

The Armrest — For those with comfy couches, this is a position you must try at least once. Have the woman sit on the armrest and slowly fall backward to lay on the couch, her butt still on the armrest. The man can enter her while standing, and the angle on this one is quite unique.

The Lap Dance — Have the man sit on a regular chair, and the woman sits astride him like she is giving him a lap dance. She can face away for more control with her legs, or face toward him for a more romantic view.

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