The Greatest Sexy Sex Positions Ever, Part 1

The Greatest Sexy Sex Positions Ever, Part 1

Sex is one of the things that makes relationships so enjoyable! There’s nothing like some “sexy times” to help take the edge off, bring you closer to your partner, and make for a wonderful weekend! If you want to enjoy your sex more, here are some of the top sexy sex positions to try:

The Hero — This is one of those great sex positions to conceive a baby, perfect if you’re trying to get pregnant! Have the woman lie on her back, with her knees to her chest and feet raised in the air. The man kneels with his legs beneath the back of her thighs.

Folded Deck Chair — This one takes The Hero to a new level. Instead of her back being flat on the bed, the man will lift the woman’s butt off the floor as she wraps her legs around his shoulders. It’s a GREAT angle for maximum female pleasure!

The Cross — Scissoring isn’t just for the ladies, but it’s something you can do together. Simply have her lie on her side, and sit on one leg–holding the other in the air as the man slides between.

Standing Up Doggy-Style — Instead of kneeling on the bed, have the woman stand, leaning on a sink, the bed, or a chair for support. The man simply gets behind her and does it doggy-style, but with the added leverage provided by standing up. This is excellent for anal sex, or for those who like a bit more control.

Doggy Style — There are few positions that can give you such a great angle for deep penetration, particularly if the woman places her face and chest on the bed. This will give the man a much better angle, and more power to his thrusts.

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